Monday, May 6, 2013

Retreat to Falmouth

Wednesday, May 6, 1863

The Union Army, ordered to retreat to Falmouth, were delayed by heavy rain on Tuesday. This morning at 4 A.M. the Union Army resumed their march and crossed the Rappahannock River at the United States Ford. Marching for twelve hours they finally returned to Falmouth in the late afternoon.

The debacle at Chancellorsville left the Twenty-Seventh Connecticut with only two active companies, D and F, and had reduced their numbers from four-hundred to one-hundred and sixty.

General Darius Couch, commander of the Second Corps, requested a new assignment and was replaced by General Winfield S. Hancock. 1

1Winthrop Dudley Sheldon The "Twenty-Seventh," : A Regimental History (New Haven, Connecticut: Morris and Benham, 1866), 69-70.

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