Friday, May 3, 2013

Captured by the Confederates

Sunday, May 3, 1863

The Twenty-Seventh Connecticut resumed the position they held on Friday near the Chancellor House. Companies D and F of the Twenty-Seventh Connecticut were held in reserve. The remainder of the Twenty-Seventh held a position at the extreme flank of the line. After exchanging gunfire with the Confederates during the morning they noticed Confederate infantry movements in their front and in their rear. Colonel Richard Bostwick sent orders to General Winfield Hancock for reinforcements. At that point a Confederate officer approached their line with a flag of truce. He informed the Twenty-Seventh that they were entirely surrounded and entreated with them to surrender in order to avoid further bloodshed. After Colonel Bostwick confirmed that they were indeed surrounded, he surrendered to the Confederates. The Twenty-Seventh Connecticut Regiment, excepting Companies D and F, were now prisoners of the Confederate army.1

1Winthrop Dudley Sheldon The "Twenty-Seventh," : A Regimental History (New Haven, Connecticut: Morris and Benham, 1866), 51-56.

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